As a man, the science of genetics shows that you derived your ‘XY’ genetic sex from your parents. The ‘XY’ genetic sex makes you eternally a man. And as a woman, your genetic sex, ‘XX’ came from your parents. The ‘XX’ genetic sex makes you eternally a woman. Some people look like their fathers. Some look like their mothers. Others have a combined look as both parents. Some people have dark or light skin color, blue or brown eye color, and short or tall stature. All these are some examples of physical trait, but they do not define who you are.

People also exhibit controlling, confirming, supporting, and promoting character traits. These are some examples of behavioral traits, but they do not also define who you are. The forces of “nature” and “nurture” obviously impact human nature; again, these genetic and environmental factors do not define your identity. You are not defined by what you think or feel about yourself. You are not defined by what your parents, peer groups or society think or feel about you. Friends, what defines you are one million times more than all of the above.

Besides your physical body, you also have a spirit and a soul. According to the declaration of independence, men and women were created by God and endowed by God with certain unalienable rights. God did not create you exactly like himself in a physical sense. God is spirit. Thus when God created you, he put His Spirit inside of you so that you become the reflection of who God is, His image and likeness. Friends your identity, came from God. God created you to reflect Him in all His revealed glory and splendor. You are fearfully and wonderfully made to reflect your Creator.

Wholesome life transformation is dedicated to empowering young men and women in our generation to experience the revealed nature of God as He originally created them to be in Christ Jesus. Living to reflect God’s nature is the greatest experience that our young men and women would ever have in order to live a God-centered wholesome lifestyle.

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